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28 Mar 2024 | Critical Illness

The Critical Importance of Critical Illness Insurance: Protecting Against Life’s Unforeseen Challenges

-Cancer accounts for 30% of all deaths in Canada. -Approximately 35,000 cardiac arrests occur annually. -Stroke affects 62,000 people each year. -Dementia-related costs reach $33 billion, making it the most expensive illness in the country. -73% of Canadians aged 65 and above have at least one common chronic disease. I’m a firm believer in the […]

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22 Feb 2024 | Critical Illness

Guardian Angels: The Power of Critical Illness Protection for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

Life has an uncanny way of challenging even the most resilient souls. As self-employed individuals, we chart our own course, navigating the vast ocean of entrepreneurship with unwavering determination. But what if I told you that there’s a powerful shield, a beacon of hope, ready to safeguard your dreams and provide a lifeline for your […]

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18 Jan 2023 | Critical Illness

10 Ways to Start the Insurance Discussion

I am a huge fan and advocate for Critical Illness insurance. The reason is very simple. Long before I became an

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