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24 Feb 2023 | Life Insurance

Insurance surveys are fun!

Seriously. I like surveys. I just did a random search “What is the purpose of a survey?” 245 million answers are available. The top response. ‘They’re used to find out what people think about a subject and why they feel that way about it.’

As the owner of an Insurance Agency, I wanted to get some answers. Here’s what I found.
·      49% had some level of understanding of insurance.
·      16% had a very good understanding of insurance.

Okay. Those aren’t great numbers. I looked further. I found these fascinating.
·      38% of Canadians perceive insurance to be too expensive.
·      27% think they are too healthy to need insurance.
·      26% think they have enough insurance through their work.

Then these.
·      6 million Canadians believe they are UNDER insured.
·      35% think they need MORE Life Insurance and intend to buy it soon.
·      Two-thirds, WITHOUT Life Insurance say they need coverage. Only 1 in 4 plan to buy it this year.

In doing this research it reminded me that a few months ago, I was talking with a couple. She said, and I quote, “I know we need insurance. We’ve never done this before. What do we do? What do we need?’

I asked. ‘What are you trying to accomplish with insurance? What do you want to have happen?’ He responded. “I just want the right thing at the right price.” I showed them this general guide. I received this several years ago from a colleague at one of the major insurance companies. I find it incredibly helpful.

Based on their ages, protecting their income, was the first thing I suggested.

Both had Long Term Disability through their work. However, it did not start until 6 months after an incident. They felt that Personal Disability coverage, to fill that gap, was too expensive. I agreed. They both felt that Critical Illness would be a great bridge.

When they took their mortgage, they declined to take mortgage insurance. They said that the mortgage broker told them that they were better off taking a Life Insurance policy instead. They were three years into the mortgage and still hadn’t taken a policy. I explained how it worked and suggest an appropriate benefit amount. They decided to take a small amount of Permanent Life coverage and make up the larger difference needed with Term Life.
I said, “that way you are protecting your needs now and in the future.”

I made one last point. Life is not static. As your needs change so too should your insurance. I’m glad I had said that because they just emailed me saying they are expecting their first child!

Congratulations Dan and Danielle! You’ll make great parents.

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