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18th 01.. 2023 | Critical Illness

10 Ways to Start the Insurance Discussion

Several years ago, at the age of 33, my best friend Rob, was diagnosed with liver, lung, and lymph node cancer. He had a successful career, and a wonderful family but because of this illness and the fact that he did not have any Insurance, he lost

everything and at the end, he and his family were living in the basement of his grandmother’s home and all of them were living off her CPP and OAS. I watched it happen and was powerless to do anything about it. I promised myself, that I would do everything I could to help others so that they wouldn’t find themselves in a similar situation.

A little history.

We can thank Dr. Marius Barnard for creating the Critical Illness policy. Dr. Barnard was a heart surgeon who was part of the team that performed the first human-to-human heart transplant in South Africa in 1967.

Dr. Barnard said, “I was used to operating on people and boasting about my great results of patients surviving five or six years. But all of a sudden, I saw the social and financial implications. I knew nothing about insurance, but I knew life insurance paid out on the diagnosis of death. But to me, my patients lived for years but in this time they died financially.”

Dr. Barnard recognized that his patients, although able to survive were sometimes unable to return to work at full capacity. The lingering effects of their illnesses, surgeries, medication, and recovery had an enormous impact on their ability to earn an income. Though they survived, they were overcome with financial hardship. They were no longer able to fully support themselves and their family.

For Rob, when he was diagnosed, he was given 6 months. He lasted 18 months.

The best solution that I found was through Insurance. Now, some people detest Insurance, others totally want as much as they can get, but most people, simply don’t understand what they need or more importantly, why they need it. So, here are 10 ways to start that very important conversation.

10 Ways to Start the Insurance Discussion…

  1. Have you ever wondered how long you could live on your savings?

  2. Have you insured your most valuable asset for your family? YOU!

  3. Do you want your family to keep living in the world you’ve created for them?

  4. What do you want to happen to your family when you are no longer here to take care of them?

  5. If life insurance were free, how much would you take?

  6. Do you know anyone whose family benefitted from life, disability, or critical illness Insurance?

  7. Do you own your life insurance personally or through someone else? Like the company you work for? If so, then you don’t own or control it.

  8. What’s the most cost-effective way to pay for final expenses?

  9. How have you funded your will?

  10. When they need it would you rather your family have too much insurance or too little?

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