Experience That Matters

Blair Patton
President and CEO
Benchmark Insurance Ltd.

My Real-Life Motivation

I promised myself that I would do everything I could to help others so they wouldn’t find themselves in a similar situation.

My best friend Rob was diagnosed with Liver, Lung, and Lymph Node Cancer. He was 33 years old. He had a successful career and a wonderful family. He lost everything. In the end, he and his family were living in the basement of his grandmother’s house. All of them living off her meager CPP and OAS. And there was nothing I could do.
That’s why I’m in the Insurance business. I don’t want your family to ever go through that kind of heartbreak. I do everything I can to help other people avoid catastrophes like Rob’s.

I want to be your Insurance guy.

What do you need to protect?

What We Provide

Life Insurance

What do you want to happen when you are no longer here to protect your family. Life Insurance gives you Peace of Mind.

Critical Illness protection

A one-time, tax-free, lump sum benefit that you can use however you wish.

Employee Benefits

Appropriate protect level for your staff.

Your Future

Helping you customizing a plan for your unique needs.